Make Marketing Automation Work For You!

Make Marketing Automation Work For You!

We’ve all heard that the way to make it online is by automating your marketing. But that seems easier said than done sometimes. Here are 5 tips to help you on your automation journey!

5 Tips for Making Marketing Automation Work for You

Marketing automation software is becoming less expensive and more available than it ever has before.

This year marks the first time that even modest businesses can achieve enterprise-level marketing through automation software.

Far beyond building and maintaining email databases, modern marketing automation attacks the middle of the funnel from all channels, integrates sales, IT, marketing and other departments, and enables marketers to view prospects as multi-dimensional human beings.

But it isn’t a magic wand.

Any business that invests in marketing automation software must also invest the time and take the steps to see it through from training to implementation.

Doing things in the correct order is a key part of long-lasting automation. You want your foundation to be strong from the very beginning!

Think of marketing automation like a puzzle with each of these components functioning as a piece to completing it.

So let’s walk through five key points to consider for your marketing automation effort.

The Middle of Your Funnel is Only as Good as the Top of Your Funnel

Marketing automation shores up the middle of the funnel, which is the first piece of the puzzle. If you put time, effort, money, and energy into establishing a marketing automation strategy before you’ve built a solid top-funnel foundation, you’ve done things out of order.

Success in marketing automation requires a steady flow of organic leads from social media and other channels. Marketing automation requires large quantities of data to function.

Build the top of your funnel first, instead of hoping the software can make something out of a miniscule fraction of what should be coming in from the top.

Small businesses can have the greatest marketing automation software in the world, but if their social media channels aren’t filling it with leads, their software simply doesn’t have the fuel to turn those leads into prospects.

And turning leads into prospects is what it’s all about!

Cross Department Buy-In

If taking advantage of marketing automation training is the second piece of the puzzle, the third piece has to be implementation.

It is natural for the marketing department to want to deploy the software on its own — or task it to IT, which may not completely understand the software’s purpose.

But deploying the new software and integrating it with existing systems can’t be a one-man show. In order for this transition to succeed, marketing, IT and sales — for starters — have to buy-in completely.

Let’s say the CMO for a company that builds e-commerce websites installs automation software.

It doesn’t matter how well trained his or her marketing department employees are. If sales still uses shared spreadsheets to keep track of leads, automation will fail.

Automation can’t succeed without interdepartmental integration.

This is important to remember — automation can’t succeed without everyone being on board. 

Treat Prospects Like People

Lastly, by leveraging all available channels — and not just paying attention to email opens and clicks — prospects become multi-dimensional characters, instead of fragments scattered across multiple channels.

Those prospects are nurtured based on the needs, challenges and changes they reveal in every touch point they contact throughout their buying journey.

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Do you use automation in your online business? Have you noticed any big changes to your sales and stress levels? Leave a comment below letting us know how automation has helped you!



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