3 Common PPC Marketing Mistakes

3 Common PPC Marketing Mistakes

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PPC, Pay per Click, marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools that are available on the internet today.  But just like any other advertising campaign it needs to be done with careful planning and consideration in order to avoid certain pitfalls that may occur while you are creating your marketing campaign.

If you begin your PPC marketing without careful planning, then you have set yourself up to lose thousands of dollars and tons of wasted hours.  There are books available that you can read that will help you put a great plan into place for your PPC Marketing plan.

Putting a successful PPC marketing plan is easy though without books, if you avoid a few of the most common mistakes that people make. Even if you have discovered that you have made one of the following errors, still they can be easily fixed and you can get your campaign back on track.

  1. The most common mistake people find themselves doing in creating their PPC marketing plan is using their homepage as the landing strip.While to most business owners, it may seem logical to have your visitors brought to your homepage still there are reasons why this should not be done.
  • People who will click on your advertisement are most likely looking for a specific item. Instead of bringing them to the home page, create a landing strip for your ad to bring them to a page they are looking for in your website. This will allow you to bring your customers exactly to the right spot that they are searching for. This will make them happy because you saved them time and as a result they are more than likely to visit again. Also, each of your landing page should be keyword specific relating to your add. It should also not contain any other links or distractions.
  1. If your landing page is confusing to your reader you will lose sales. If you create a PPC
    3 Common PPC Marketing Mistakes
    3 Common PPC Marketing Mistakes

    that is targeted to the visitor’s keyword it will result in sales almost every time as long as it’s easy for them to read and understand. Your landing page should also be part of the keyword that they are searching for.  Make sure that it’s easy for the reader to find. You should also have several different landing pages if you have several different keywords or topics.

  1. Every search engine that is available on the internet today will use its own methods as to where to place your ad. One of the biggest mistakes that people who are new to PPC marketing make is that they do not tightly target their keywords well enough to get considered for optimum placement on the search engines. Over 85% of all search engine results are based on the top three ads.  If you are not able to focus your keywords well enough you will not make the top three and have the potential to lose a lot of money as a result.

As you can see the more common mistakes made by new users to the PPC Marketing world are fairly easy for anyone to make. Knowing how to fix them is the key to a great PPC marketing campaign.

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