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Wondering where you should put your affiliate links? Here are some strategies to keep in mind when it comes to your affiliate program and links.

Multiple Strategies I Use For Affiliate Marketing Where To Put Affiliate Links

Whatever the reason may be for not wanting to create your own product, I’m sure most of you know that you have the option of simply skipping that step and selling other people’s products as an affiliate instead, earning a commission for each sale that you drive.

Heck – sometimes you don’t even have to create a sales page or worry about closing the deal, you just have to drive traffic to a certain page, and it takes care of the rest.

On top of that, there’s no need to worry about customer service, which is the one thing that can take some time away from an entirely passive income lifestyle if you’re earning money with your own products.

I speak from experience.

I use multiple strategies to build up my affiliate income. Here is a majority of them, which I’m happy to share with you in case you were looking at some new and creative ways to boost your affiliate income.

A Resource Page

My resource page has been a top affiliate earning page on this blog ever since I published it, earning at least $1k a month.

It just lists a number of resources that I recommend, along with a brief description of each. It helps people who are looking for solutions, and it helps me because some of those resources are affiliate links.

It’s an entirely amicable way of earning an income and building authority and trust with your readers. A win-win for all.

An “Extension” – Page

An extension page is similar to a resource page, however you do a little bit more to make it feel like what their looking at is related to your brand.

To make this process flow even better, I should probably include some imagery on my own site that may also be seen on the third-party website, so there is even more cohesiveness in the buying process between both sites.

Sidebar Banner Ads

What’s cool is that you don’t need people’s permission or any contracts to put these kinds of ads on your website, as opposed to selling private advertising space on your site.

All you need is an affiliate link, and in many cases companies who are serious about their affiliate program will provide you with graphics to use, just as these 4 companies did here.

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Multiple Strategies I Use For Affiliate Marketing Where To Put Affiliate Links

Wanting to make it with affiliate marketing but not quite sure where your focus should be? Here are three affiliate marketing strategies that will help you build assets and make your business sustainable.

Three Killer Content Strategies for Building Affiliate Marketing Assets

Affiliate marketing isn’t that tough… if you’ve got attention and trust.

You can gain attention and trust through your relationship with people who agree to receive content from you.

And you can gain attention from people via search engines because Google trusts your content.

Ideally, you want both.

Let’s take a look at three affiliate marketing strategies that build assets and sustainable businesses. The first focuses on list building, the next on link building, and the last on both.

List Building with Paid Traffic

This is a classic online list-building strategy that still works wonders in email-friendly niches (and things are still more email friendly than some of you might think).

The goal is to drive traffic to a landing page that persuades the visitor to opt-in to your newsletter, either with effective copy or a sample of the content.

Targeted traffic should ideally come from search engine pay-per-click ads, but other advertising methods can work if they’re cost effective.

List building is all about opt-in conversion rates and the value of each subscriber over the life of the relationship.

This is where valuable content comes into play… you’re not going to get someone to give up their primary email address unless you promise and deliver valuable content in return.

And your lifelong customer value will be lower if you don’t maintain a good relationship with your list.

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You’ve probably heard that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, but curious to see if it still works? Don’t you worry, it really does, and below we’ll share how!

Surprise: Affiliate Marketing Is Still a Money Maker

What thoughts do you have for affiliate marketers?

When you hear someone talk about making money online as an affiliate, do you frown at it or chuckle on your inside?

I know exactly why I’m asking such questions because not too long ago, one of my active readers sent me a question.

He asked, “Do you still make money at affiliate marketing?”

Trust me I was so surprised because one of my major means of generating income since 2011 online till date is through Affiliate Marketing.

Even before I discovered what wordpress is all about and how to use it to build an awesome website, I had been using blogger (blogspot) to create content pages and rank in Google first page for highly searched keywords.

A Powerful leverage

What is leverage?

According to the Encarta Dictionary, the word “leverage” simply means “the power to get things done.”Now from this simple definition, you can see that affiliate marketing is all about leveraging other people’s hard work and reaping the rewards.

Come to think of it, someone went the extra mile, researched and created a powerful product/service. All you’ve to do is promote the product and get a certain percentage of the profit. Isn’t it wonderful?

That’s why I always encourage beginners to internet business to start with affiliate marketing. They shouldn’t think of creating their own products as yet because the core knowledge needed to carry out a thorough research work is not there.

And to you the intermediate and seasoned blogger, affiliate marketing can be a source of income for you. Don’t ignore it totally.

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