Attracting The Right Audience

Did you know that the content you create to attract your audience is just as important as the content you create to sell? And building a trusting relationship with your audience is key to succeeding online. Here, we’ll take a look at how you can do just that.

How to Create Content to Attract Your Target Market

There are two kinds of content in this world: content that attracts and content that sells.
It’s easy to spend all your time and effort focusing on the second part.

Eyes on the prize, right?

And believe me, I want you focused on that end result.

But it’s crucial to remember that the end result needs a strong beginning. In other words, you’ll never get to that sale if you haven’t attracted the people who want to buy your product!

Today is all about the first half of the sales equation.

The more you craft content geared toward your ideal customer, the more sales you’ll make. And these won’t just be one-time sales. You’ll be talking to people who want to buy from you over and over, because they feel connected to you and your product.

When you create content that makes them feel understood, that communicates an empathy for their situation and an excitement about helping them with your product, they are going to be watching their inboxes for your emails and jumping up and down each time you launch something new.

These are the people you want to find, right?

So let’s talk about how you can reach them.

First, the Good News…

When you know your target market really well, creating content for them becomes incredibly easy. We talked last week about creating a survey that helps you get inside the heads of your target market. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to instantly rattle off ten things they need…

Which then become the topics of each piece of content you create.

What Counts as Content?

Ready for some more good news? Everything you do online is content.

A Facebook post counts as a content piece, whether it’s video or words or simply an image. So does a tweet. An email (whether to your whole list or just a segment of it), the text and imagery on your landing page, a free giveaway, a podcast, a thirty-minute webinar…

You get the idea.

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Looking for more ways to put your content out there and build your audience? Keep reading to learn more about how using Other People’s Audiences is a great way to build your own.

The Smart Way to Use Other People’s Audiences to Build Your Own


In the beginning, there was no audience. Yet the overlords demanded that one be created.

The wizard came forth and cast great spells and the audience was conjured out of thin air, and the content marketing campaign was begun.

If only that was all there was to it!

Unfortunately, we have no wizard to conjure an audience for you, the kind of audience that can give you an unfair business advantage. So you must build one for yourself.

How do you do that?

That’s also simple in concept …

Publish fantastic content in front of Other People’s Audiences (“OPA”).

What do I mean by OPA?

When you first arrive online, you basically are an unknown. If you are trying to market yourself, you have to become known.

This may be true for you personally, or for your business, but either way this can be a difficult process.

I remember when I started posting on the Stone Temple Consulting blog back in August of 2006. It was like I was talking to myself!

To change that, I had to do something to build an audience for myself, and for Stone Temple Consulting.

I caught my first break when Google’s Shashi Seth agreed to an interview (he is now President of Tribune Digital Ventures). Interviewing highly interesting people is one great way to get in front of OPA because people are likely to want to share that interview, and the person you interview is likely to share it as well.

The next big break came with a major industry event: when Danny Sullivan announced he was leaving Search Engine Watch (SEW).

I began a campaign to see if I could get SEW to agree to have me write for them. I succeeded in getting them to say yes and wrote my first post for SEW in February 2007. The great thing about this opportunity was that I now had exposure to the Search Engine Watch audience.

That’s the basic idea: Get in front of OPA, and then publish fantastic content so you can earn that audience’s respect and trust.

If you can do that, you can start to build your own audience.

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Trying to attract the right audience with your message? Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind while trying to build your audience and create new content.

Blogging Is an Art But Attracting the Right Audience Is a Science

You are convinced you have a great gift to offer mankind.

You also have the resourcefulness to channel this gift through a business, and you understand the importance of digital marketing in an Internet-driven world.

But, indispensable though they may be, great intentions and content alone do not take one far in the larger scheme of things.

Finding and connecting with the right audience is crucial for the success of a venture.

Here are a few effective ways in which you can attract the right kind of people to your business.

Send Out a Consistent Message

You can’t find the right people until you know exactly what you stand for and are making it clear in unambiguous terms

Confusion attracts confusion.

If you don’t define your brand, you are going to have a tough time attracting the kind of audience you want.

Say you are a life coach who wants to attract more clients through her blog. But life coaching is a vast field. Is there anything specific within this field that you excel in? Perhaps it’s your insights into romantic relationships? Or you are good at helping people overcome personal blocks and fulfilling their potential?

Blogging Is an Art But Attracting the Right Audience Is a Science

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