Increase Website Traffic for beginner

Increase Website Traffic for beginner

Hello my Friends, I am here again with yet another blog on Internet Marketing. In this blog we are going to discover something called “Website Traffic”. Most of the people I see spend dollars building up their website designs but, the most daunting task for them is to bring people from around the globe to visit. A website without visitors is like a shop with all the goods but no customer.

Traffic is defined as the number of visitors who come and visit your website every day. You can have one visitor a day to even 60k visitors per day depending on how much time and money you spend to get them. Also, number of unique visitors depends on how popular your website is, but as I said this is an article for people who have just started or lack traffic generation skills.

So let’s begin guys.

What are different types of Web Traffic?

Increase Website Traffic for beginner
Increase Website Traffic for beginner

They are mainly of two kinds with respect to monetary terms:

  • Paid Web Traffic Generation
  • Unpaid Traffic Generation


Let’s discuss this one by one.

  • Paid Method: 

As the word describes, you need to have CASH to drive visitors using this method.  Before going further I want you to carve this in Stone: “Traffic can be generated in different ways however, Stays only if you give quality product.”

  1. Search engine traffic: One paid way to get traffic is via Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Yahoo Ads. All you need to do is signup to them and they will charge some amount depending on keyword competition and boom you get visitors.
  2. Social Media Traffic: You can get highly targeted visitors from your social accounts. Facebook lets you advertise your product and help you reach potential people who are interested in your services. Social Media traffic in this case is paid as you have to invest money to get space for your advertisement to run on Facebook page.
  3. Buying Leads: This type of traffic is a HIT to your website. Leads are nothing but the list of the email ids of people. So what you have to do is, go to a person who is already running a popular website and ask them if they wish to sell some amount of leads to you as well.

Yes people do that, they will give you their list of emails who visits their website and in return charge you for this. This is a good way because you already know that the people you are targeting here are interested in similar kind of product.

  • Unpaid OR Organic method: 

This method requires more of your time and dedication than money.

  1. Posting Links on Social media: You can always find ways to post a backlink to your website on the Facebook Communities or groups or Fan pages which are relevant to your niche. Just drop a link to your website and you are done.
  1. Creating a group of your niche on Social Media and adding people.
  1. Writing a Guest post: Ah this is quite interesting. So what you do here is write a blog or a testimonial about your website to a similar webpage and request them to post it on their page. This can be achieved by increasing contacts and Linking with people.
Increase Website Traffic for beginner
Increase Website Traffic for beginner

So to summarize what we have learnt, if you have money go for paid marketing scheme and try to buy leads from known and popular brands; however, if you cannot spend a lot of money then give your best to Organic methods.

That’s it for now guys. Keep looking this space as I will be coming again with more valuable articles on Internet Marketing.


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