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Want to know how you can increase your number of email subscribers in three simple steps? Learn how you can avoid starting from the beginning every time you promote a new product by growing your email list and creating a built-in audience.

How One Marketing Blog Tripled Its Email Subscribers With 3 Simple Strategies

You’ve probably heard how important email marketing is for your business, but do you know how it can specifically save you time and increase revenue?

When I started, it took me three months to get a special deal with a company to promote one of our sales. Then on the day of the sale, I’d ask everyone I know to tweet about it.

We’d have a successful launch, but then the following week when we did another promotion, we had to start all over again — and go make as much noise as possible to get our potential customers’ attention.

I call this “amnesia marketing.” It’s when marketers have to start from the bottom every time they promote a product.

This is a common problem for many beginners online. It’s time-consuming and stressful, but don’t worry! There is a better way!

But once we grew our email list and had a built-in audience, we were able to ditch amnesia marketing once and for all.

To help you build your email list as well, today I’m going to share the three strategies I used to grow my personal marketing blog,, from 12,000 to 50,000 subscribers in eight months.

Let me show you how they work.

Strategy #1: Ask for emails more aggressively

In the early days of AppSumo, I was afraid of annoying our customers with emails, so I never sent any. But once we started regularly emailing our subscribers, people requested even more emails.

If you offer great content, people will want more from you. So you shouldn’t be bashful when asking for your customers’ email addresses either.

Offering high-quality, useful content to your subscribers is the best way to build trust. They will get to know you and like you, and will become excited to hear what you have to say!

Here are three ways to help promote email sign-ups throughout your site.

Use free tools that give visitors an easy way to subscribe

My business website,, offers free tools to grow your email list. The main ones I use are List Builder, a non-annoying pop-up, and Scroll Box, a sign-up form that only appears towards the end of an article or blog post.

Each tool politely asks a reader for his or her email address and explains the benefits of subscribing. Instead of using a generic “give me your email address” call to action, which people often equate with spamming, offer a free product.

Telling your potential subscribers what they will gain from signing up is important. You want to give them an incentive — they need a reason to give you their information, after all. 

For example, to create your free product, you can turn one of your most popular articles into a PDF or create a new, educational piece of content based on common questions people ask you in person or via email.

Make your home page an email gate

When you look at the OkDork home page below, you’ll see that I ask readers to enter their email addresses to continue. That strong proposition is intentional, and it surprisingly reduces my bounce rate.

In other words, people stay and read more since they have to “earn” access to the content on my site.

Ask your readers for their email addresses within your content

You want to ask for email addresses in prominent places you know your reader will see. I used Crazy Egg and found that most people only scroll down through 30 percent of my posts. Eek!

By placing your opt-in at different places on your page, you increase your readers likelihood of signing up. 

I now offer bonuses at the top of all my most popular posts. For readers to access the bonus, they have to submit their email addresses first.

In exchange for an email address, the reader gets more valuable content.

Strategy #2: Create a one-month free course

Last year, a friend of mine launched a free online course called Summer of Design. It went viral, and he got nearly 30,000 sign-ups.

Since “Do more of what works” is my marketing motto, I followed my friend’s success and launched a free course called Summer of Marketing.

To create Summer of Marketing, I reviewed my pre-existing content, edited it, improved it, added weekly actionable items, and turned it into a 12-week drip series. You can easily create a drip series with the Rainmaker Platform.

Here are four recommendations based on my experience:

Have launch partners.

Line up partners to help you promote the course launch. Five of my friends who have more than 10,000 Twitter followers posted updates about Summer of Marketing the day the course went live.

This helps more people see your message!

Decrease the course length.

12 weeks is a bit too long, and I noticed fatigue from some members. Four to six weeks is enough time to provide substantial educational value.

Narrow your topic.

I learned that most members really wanted to know how to increase their email sign-ups. “Marketing” is a broad topic, but “email capture” focuses on a specific subject that readers want to learn about.

Create urgency.

Course enrollment was only open for seven days. After that, I closed it and created a waiting list for the next offering.

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Do you want to increase your email subscribers? What are some things you’ve tried in the past that worked? What are some things that didn’t?

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