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You’ve probably heard that automation is the way to go, when it comes to making money online. And it’s true! Learn how to simplify your life by automating your income today.

Automate Your Income to Simplify Your Life

Instead of working hard to earn money every day and every month, work hard to set up your income stream, and then do minimal work from then on out to maintain that stream.

But in this article, we’ll talk a little about how automating your income can simplify your life, and then look at ways you can go about doing it.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

On this site we’ve talked a lot about simplification, from simplifying your to-do list to simplifying your closets and everything in between.

The idea is that by eliminating the unnecessary and the clutter in your life, you can have more time to focus on what is truly important, and enjoy more calm and less stress in the meantime.

These same concepts apply to income, although we rarely give that much thought. Most of us work a salaried job, putting in the hours every day to get a paycheck, and that’s what supports our lifestyles.

Sometimes we work a second job, to help pay the bills, or pay off the debts, or save. That’s the normal way of generating income, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

But if you give it a little thought, our means of generating income can really complicate our lives. We have a lot of daily stress from our jobs, and the daily grind can be tedious and exhausting.

We have long to-do lists and endless meetings and phone calls and emails and interacting with co-workers all day long. A job is the ultimate complication.

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Want to know more about the importance of passive income? Here we’ll take a look at how passive income keeps working, even when you can’t!

Blackout, Unplugged, Passive Income

Yesterday around 3:45pm, the power went out in our house. I thought it was just us, but after checking Facebook on my iPhone I saw that all of my local friends had lost their power too.

I soon learned that the blackout spanned from Baja California all the way up to southern Orange County.

Then, apparently, the cell phone towers went out and I couldn’t get online at all anymore.

I was totally unplugged from the online world, and to be honest – it was really nice!

As a result, I wasn’t able to get to my regularly scheduled blog post (that’ll go live on Monday), but I wanted to write this short post to tell you about what did happen.

First, I realized just how much we all take things for granted.

The ability to just turn a light on, open the garage with a push of a button, check an app that tells us the score of the football game – we don’t realize how awesome things are until they aren’t there anymore.

It made me appreciate the time we do live in and all that we have the ability to do (when the power is on, lol).

Secondly, when the hours kept passing by and the power still hadn’t turned back on, it made me wonder what would happen if the power was out for days, or even weeks.

What if there was an emergency and we had no water (we still had water during the blackout, fortunately) and what if food ran out.

Based on what we have in the house we could probably survive for a few days, but that’s definitely not enough to feel safe about. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and with a family to take care of I have to really make sure we have the ability to survive in case of an emergency.

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Curious about how to create automatic and passive income from your online business? Here are a few real-world examples, showing ways passive income is made.

How To Sell More Automatically

Would you like a totally passive and automatic way to make more sales from your website? Me too!

That is why I am excited to share with you the idea of an offer wall.

I put an offer wall in place a few months ago and it has worked wonderfully well.

The results we have achieved to date are listed below.

Today I’d like to share what an offer wall is and how you can build one quickly so you too can make more passive profits.

What is an “offer wall”?

An offer wall is a page on your site that lists all the things you offer for sale, your own product and products you promote as an affiliate too.

If you use a blog for your site, like I do, please note this needs to be a page and not a post.

The reason to use a page instead of a post is focus – you don’t want a sidebar on your blog distracting people who choose to visit your offer wall.

Here is an example of what part of my offer wall looks like, followed by a few tips about how to create one and how to use it effectively.

The first image is an introduction from me. The second are two of the nine listings.

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